Portugal on stamps

This second issue by South-West Africa on its discoverers celebrates the 500th anniversary of Diogo Cão‘s 1486 landing in Cape Cross, so called because of the limestone padrão (cross-shaped pillar with Portugal’s coat of arms) they erected there. During his second exploratory mission along Africa’s west coast, Cão and his crew were the first Europeans to set foot on what is now Namibia, reaching the southern most point any European had been to at the time. The padrão, partially buried by the sand, was discovered in the 19th century by the Germans during their occupation of the territory, and is now in the Technical Museum in Berlin, but a replica still stands at Cape Cross.

The set was designed by Jacobus Johannes van Ellinckhuijzen and issued on 24 January 1986.

Value Print run Gibbons Michel Scott Yvert
0.12 ? 455 583 552
0.20 ? 456 584 553
0.25 ? 457 585 554
0.30 ? 458 586 555

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