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These charity tax stamps, to be used on specific days, collected funds for the monument to the 1st Marquis of Pombal, Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo. He was the Prime Minister from 1750 to 1777. After the devastating earthquake of 1755, he led the rebuilding of Lisbon’s downtown using modern anti-seismic techniques, according to plans by military engineer and architect Eugénio dos Santos. Those new buildings still stand today. My wife’s family lived in one of them for many years, in Rua do Século. He also introduced many administrative, economic, and educational reforms. He weakened the power of the Inquisition and of religious orders. He was the de facto head of state, with almost absolute power delegated by the king, which he used to crush his opponents and increase censorship.

The monument, a statue of the Marquis facing the area he rebuilt on top of a 40m high pedestal, was designed by architects Adães Bermudes and António do Couto, with work by sculptors Francisco dos Santos (who died 4 years before the inauguration in May 1934), Simões de Almeida (nephew) and Leopoldo de Almeida. The pedestal is surrounded by statues representing his reforms.

The charity tax stamps and their corresponding postage due stamps (overprinted with “MULTA”, the Portuguese word for fine) were issued for all Portuguese territories, but I only have those below.

The stamps were designed by H. Fleury, engraved by G. Fairweather (monument) and J.A.C. Harrison (other two stamps), printed in recess by Waterlow & Sons in London on wove paper sheets of 10×10 stamps with light lozenge watermarks and line perforation 12½. The legend and values were typeset. The stamps were used from 8 to 13 May 1925, and from 5 to 15 May 1926–1929. They were used as normal stamps from 4 January 1934 to 30 September 1945.

Value Print run Afinsa Gibbons Michel Scott Yvert
Marquis 5,875,000 IPT 18 C 668 382 RA 11 369
planning 865,038 IPT 19 C 667 383 RA 12 370
monument 865,038 IPT 20 C 666 384 RA 13 371
Azores Marquis IPT 14 C 351
Azores planning IPT 15 C 350
Azores monument IPT 16 C 349
Azores due Marquis IPP 2 D 354
Azores due planning IPP 3 D 353
Azores due monument IPP 4 D 352
India due Marquis IPP 3 D 497
India due planning IPP 4 D 496
India due monument IPP 5 D 495
Mozambique due Marquis IPP 1 D 329 ZP 1
Mozambique due planning IPP 2 D 328 ZP 2
Mozambique due monument IPP 3 D 327  ZP 3

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