Portugal on stamps

This issue commemorates the creation of six demarcated Portuguese wine regions in 1908. The stamps show some of the native grape varietals used in the production of those wines.

Bucelas wine is produced near Lisbon and was popular in England during the Elizabethan and Victorian ages. During the 20th century, quality and production decayed but the trend has been reversed due to the interest of new producers in the indigenous varietals.

Colares wine is produced in sandy soils around Sintra. These wines are among the most expensive Portuguese wines due to their small production area, which can’t cope with demand. Carcavelos wine is produced around the cities of Cascais and Oeiras, near Sintra. The Marquis of Pombal, Portugal’s ‘prime minister’ in the late 18th century, owned vineyards there and his estate made Carcavelos wine popular in Britain in the early 19th century. Like in the case of Colares and Bucelas, urban development in the 20th century led to a decay of production.

Setúbal Moscatel (muscat) is a liqueurous wine from the Setúbal Peninsula, south of Lisbon.

Dão wine is produced in the north part of central Portugal. Most wines are red.

Vinho Verde (literally ‘green wine’) is a light and fresh wine produced in the Minho region. Vinho Verde does not require ageing as it is produced from grapes which do not reach great doses of sugar. Most Vinho Verde is white.

The stamps were designed by Atelier Acácio Santos / Helder Soares using grape watercolours by Roque Gameiro, lithographed by Cartor on enamelled paper sheets of 10×5 se-tenant stamps with perforation 12×11¾, and issued on 2 October 2008.

Stamp Print run Afinsa Gibbons Michel Scott WNS Yvert
Bucelas vines 280,000 3753 3334 PT083.08
Bucelas cellar 280,000 3754 3335 PT084.08
Colares 280,000 3755 3336 PT085.08
Carcavelos 280,000 3756 3337 PT086.08
Setúbal cellar 280,000 3757 3338 PT087.08
Setúbal vines 280,000 3758 3339 PT088.08
Dão vines 280,000 3759 3340 PT089.08
Dão cellar 280,000 3760 3341 PT090.08
Verde 280,000 3761 3342 PT091.08
Verde vines 280,000 3762 3343 PT092.08

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