Portugal on stamps

There is nothing typically Portuguese about this Christmas issue, but I’ve nevertheless included it in my collection for two reasons: it’s by one of my favourite stamp designers, and it’s one of the few printing errors I can afford. In fact, by mistake the country name wasn’t printed on almost a third of the half a million stamps.

The stamp was designed by Luís Filipe de Abreu, lithographed by the Mint on enamelled paper sheets of 10×5 stamps with perforation 12×12½, and circulated from 14 November 1995 to 30 September 2001.

Stamp Print run Afinsa Gibbons Michel Scott Yvert
with country ca. 350,000 2320 2481 2109i 2087 A
without country  ca. 150,000 2319 2483 2109ii 2087

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