Portugal on stamps

This was the third series of definitive stamps issued by the Portuguese Republic, i.e. after 1910. It shows a caravel, the small, fast and manoeuvrable ship with shallow keel and triangular lateen sails that allow windward (upwind) sailing. It was developed by the Portuguese in the 15th century to be able to explore the West African coast and the Atlantic Ocean. The caravela redonda (’round’ caravel) is a later and larger modification, with a fourth mast carrying a bulging (hence the name) square sail.

The whole series comprises 26 stamps issued in 1943, 1948 and 1949 but I only have the following.

I also have part of a sheet, but don’t know what the inscription on the selvage means.

The stamps were designed by Jaime Martins Barata, engraved by Gustavo de Almeida Araújo, typographed by the Mint on wove paper sheets of 10×10 stamps with perforation 14, and circulated until 31 October 1957.

Value Issued Print run Afinsa Gibbons Michel Scott Yvert
0.10 14 Mar 43 197,178,700 618 943 647 616 629
0.20 8 Apr 43 137,992,400 620 945 649 618 631
0.35 8 Apr 43 11,412,300 622 947 651 620 632

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