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2015 Tournament End

This year's tournament ended with Bill blowing away the competition (Dan, James, Keith) by over 40VP in the final, a game of Castles of Burgundy, chosen by the league's winner, James.

I wasn't able to make the last league game (Caylus) and Bill took the chance to ...

Ave Caesar in Lego

On the 1st of November I went to BRICK, a large Lego show at the NEC in Birmingham. Among the hundreds of models shown, both by professional builders and fans, I spotted only two boardgame models, by coincidence both related to ancient Rome.

The first was a simple 8x8 board ...

2015 Tournament Kick-off

The 2014 tournament final was last month, and we're already fully engaged with this year's edition. Last week the player groups and the game order was drawn; this week some of us had a practice of the first game: Princes of Florence, a classic I hadn't played ...

UK Games Expo 2013

Last Saturday I attended my first ever games convention, the UK Games Expo. It was sufficiently easy to reach by public transportation to convince me to drag my lazy bum out of the house. But not before 9am, of course. I reached Birmingham International by train at 10am, and after ...

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