23 November 2008 23 January 2016

My name is Michel Wermelinger and I enjoy playing German-style board and card games, which are quite different from abstract two-player games like Chess, trick-taking card games like Bridge, and luck-driven games like Monopoly. If you’d like some suggestions on which games to try out first, read this post and have a look at BoardGameGeek's list of recommendations, which points to other lists.

I’m a member of the Newport Pagnell gaming group. You can see the last games I played (not just within the gaming group) on the sidebar, which also contains random lists of games from my own collection and from my wishlist. Those two lists change every time you refresh the web page. Click on the images or names to obtain information about the games. For complete lists, follow the links marked with .

The blog's title is both a word play on the French word le dossier and the concatenation of the Latin word ludo and dossier, indicating that this blog is a collection of notes on games and gaming. However, toys may also be featured, occasionally.


If you spot an error on this site, if you have additional information, or any question, send an e-mail to: titleofthisblog at myfirstname dot mylastname dot ws.

Technical details

This site was created in November 2008 with the WordPress blogging platform and the Dream World theme.

After long procrastination, I bit the bullet and converted the blog to a purely static site that is not prone to database crashes or spam, and puts far less demand on the server. As part of the overhaul, I fixed all broken links to spielbox covers, because they radically changed their site since my postings. Now, clicking on a cover leads to that issue's page on the publisher's shop.

The current site was built over 3 weeks in October/November 2015 with:

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