Christmas 2015

This Christmas I received two game books on my wishlist and acquired, in the world's oldest bookshop, one more Portuguese game for my collection. It turned out to be quite uninteresting, but I nevertheless added it, some images and the publisher to the BGG database. Conversely, our club's Christmas session started rather poorly but turned out rather well.

Ian had the daft idea of playing Skull & Roses with two sets and 12 players. It was still funny at times, especially when people never learned and repeatedly turned over the same skulls. At one point, Ian was down to a skull and had to start the bidding. If everyone had passed he would have eliminated himself hilariously, but Bill took away the fun by saving him with a proper bid. The game dragged on and on, with no successful bid. We gladly stopped at the first one, when Paul D. turned over 6 roses.

During the evening we played the usual mix of lighter games – PitchCar, Don Pepe, No thanks, Perudo, Escape, etc. – whilst munching on a, due to the absence of Huggy, plentiful supply of mince pies.

picture quiz The tournament cup was presented to Bill, who also won David's picture quiz (click to enlarge). He kindly forfeited the quiz prize, having received a voucher as cup winner. David had to resort to a tie breaker (name the game and spot the errors in a further picture), to split David H. from Ian and me (we worked as a team, unfair I know). I happened to know it was Ticket to Ride Nordic so had first pick. I took Coup home, Ian chose Haggis and David H. got the Modern Art Card Game. It really did help that the regular winner (John) was absent this year.

The evening ended with two games of Secret Hitler, which I hadn't played before. The game starts like Werewolf: each player gets randomly a secret identity (fascist, liberal or Hitler), everyone closes their eyes, then the fascists open their eyes to know each other and Hitler, who keeps his eyes closed but gives a thumbs up. In the first draw I was Hitler but someone opened their eyes at the wrong time and the game started anew. I was Hitler again. Due to the effect of beer and mince pies, my brain was even slower than usual, and I kept mostly quiet during the game, which attracted attentions and I got killed, with a win for the liberals. More people joined us for a second game. I was Hitler again. Fortunately, there was another hiccup at the start and in the fourth draw of cards I finally got a normal role (liberal, as it happened). Richard R.-G. played very well and fooled us throughout the game, managing to pull a last-minute victory for the fascists. A great fun game to end another year at the club.

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