Tournament 2014

This week the 2014 edition of our annual games tournament ended. In the league phase, 16 participants played 5 games in 4-player groups: Village, Caverna, Steam, Terra Mystica and Power Grid. Damen ended with 49 points, impressively winning 4 of the games and coming 2nd in the other. David H., Keith and Ed tied with 41 points. The four of them played the final game, chosen by Damen from the league games. He chose Steam and came last, with Keith winning it. Congratulations to Keith, who was long due to win the tournament, after winning the league in 2013 and reaching the final several times.

Last year 12 players took part, which meant that some of us played 2 or 3 times against the same person. I was not particularly happy to be repeatedly beaten by Keith, Andre, and Dan, who eventually were finalists. This year it was perfect: each of us played against 14 of the others, twice against one of them (Dan in my case).

I reached 6th position with 30 points, tied with David M., who was the other finalist last year. My best rank ever, in good company. I surprisingly won Village against Dan, David H. and Jake, came 2nd in Steam against Keith, Richard and Paul D., and finished 3rd in the other games. Power Grid was especially disappointing: after good practice games, I should have done better. The same happened last year with Lancaster and Brass. Having multiple practice games seems to be wasted on me. At least it’s an excuse to repeatedly play games I like.

I’m looking forward to next year’s tournament. I hope that again 16 or more take part. We already discussed some ways to change the nomination and voting process to get a more diverse range of league games. Let’s see what scheme David M. will implement.

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