Family holiday games

holiday-chestDue to limited shelving at home, I've re-packed several games more efficiently, chucking the original game boxes and rule books to the loft. I put game pieces into business card boxes (BCBs), and put 9 BCBs into an A4 box, with boards and short rule summaries (written by myself) on top of the BCBs. This way, I can carry a single box with 5–6 games to the club. I usually buy together 1 A4 box and 1 CraftPack (1 A4 + 17 BCBs) from Weston Boxes (I've no commercial affiliation), but other brands have similar storage solutions.

I've put together a box to take on holiday with the extended family (click on the photo to enlarge it). The games, selected with my wife and daughters, don't have complex rules, are interactive, fun, aesthetically pleasant, and accommodate at least 5 players. The games are:  Carcassonne (tile laying), TransEuropa (railway building), Saboteur and Werewolf (bluffing and lying), Kiproko (cooperative constrained drawing: great game for those who can't draw like me, but you'll need a French-English dictionary on your smartphone), Diamant (push your luck; currently sold as Incan Gold), Bohnanza (trading and bargaining). I've even added the rules for the brilliant bluffing game of Skull & Roses, which can be played with any 4 cards per player, as long as 1 can be easily distinguished from the other 3. Eight games in a box: my new record!

My other four game 'chests' include some more complex "gamer's games":

  1. Category 5 (aka 6 nimmt!), No Thanks, Intrigue, Magellan (aka Pizarro), Hoity Toity, The Big Idea
  2. Bohnanza, TransEuropa, Kontor, Vabanque, Age of Discovery
  3. For Sale, Meuterer, Sticheln, Werewolf, El Capitan, King me
  4. Cartagena, Nile, Thurn & Taxis, Modern Art, Saboteur

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