spielbox August/September 2010

spielbox 4/2010 coverThis issue was almost falling through the cracks, but better late than never. Noteworthy articles are:

The report about the UK Games Expo concludes that while it won't become a competitor to SPIEL in Essen, the Expo's small size makes it a better alternative to try out prototypes and talk to game designers.

The commentary on Germany's Game of the Year Award points out that the only constant throughout the years is the unpredictability of the jury: this year a communication game (Dixit) won the award, while in past years that kind of game often didn't even make it into the jury's recommended games list.

The news about a multi-player game timer that has come on the market makes clear it's the ideal accessory for people playing with me, as Matt pointed out. Although he didn't put it quite this way, he suggested I should buy it to work on my innate ability to take ages to finish my turns. I had to explain it was a deliberate strategy to nerve my opponents and obtain a competitive advantage to offset my natural tendency towards low scores.

The issue's contents is as follows, with underlined games getting high scoring reviews.

  • News:
    • the Game of the Year Award results
    • the DGT Cube, a multi-player game timer
    • the 29th edition of the Göttingen meeting gathers 164 game designers, and the 3000 Euro training stipend for yet unpublished authors goes to a school teacher
  • Long reviews: Titania, Glen More, Long Shot, Velo City, Revolution!, Identik, Samarkand, Schlag den Raab, Workshop of the World, Tammany Hall, Asteroyds, Claustrophobia
  • Short reviews: 11 nimmt!, Basket Boss, 20.000 Meilen unter dem Meer
  • Children’s games: Schatz der Kobolde, Vampire der Nacht, Kleine Magier, Panic Tower, Mein Mäuschen-Farbspiel
  • Profiles:
    • Bruce Allen and the story behind his first game, Tobago
    • Frank Czarnetzki, the owner of LudoArt, which tries to develop games that are art objects too
    • Harald Mücke, seller of game materials and publisher
  • Reports: UK Games Expo 2010 in Birmingham
  • Edition spielbox: Side Dish, an expansion for A la Carte
  • History:
    • oldie: Dungeon and its successors (Drachen-Labyrinth, Dungeon Twister, Claustrophobia)
    • abstract games: where movement depends on position, e.g. Bantu, Ins+Outs, Energizer, LOA, Sabotage, Epaminondas, etc.
    • for collectors: seafaring games
  • Variants: different winning conditions and a variant for Velo City

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