spielbox June/July 2010

spielbox 1/2010 cover A few days ago the third issue of 2010 arrived, including a postcard to vote for the German Game Award, but one can also vote online.

The chief editor criticises the Spiel des Jahres jury for this year's selection of light-weight nominees and for muddling things up with yet another special award, 'Spiel des Jahres plus', instead of separate family and hobby games awards.

I think that Macao received an unfair review, complaining about the complexity of cards and the tendency for paralysis and loosing the overview of other players' strategy. The same could be said of many other well-received games...

Last but not least, there is a Dominion-campaign design competition: readers are invited to submit rules for a campaign of 4-8 games that must be thematically bound through some background narrative. The rules must specify which cards are used in each game and how the ownership of some cards or the points obtained in one game influence the succeeding games. The campaign may use any existing Dominion cards, but also other material (dice, meeples, etc.).

The remaining issue's contents is as follows, with underlined games receiving great reviews:

  • News:
    • 3 page add-on to last issue's Nuremberg Fair report: party, dice and card games
    • the German Game Archive moves to Nuremberg but faces uncertain future
    • the main character of a new thriller novel is inspired on Alex Randolph, who was a code cracker during the war
    • the nominees of the Spiel des Jahres award
    • Ravensburger opens a museum  of the company's history at its head quarters
  • Long reviews: Knizia's Jäger und Sammler, Feld's Die Speichersatdt and Macao, Fresco, Assyria, Power Games, Friese's Factory Manager, Cable Car, Maria, Giants, The BoardGameGeek Game
  • Short reviews: Dominion Seaside, Klimapoker, R-Öko, Welt der Türme, African Park, Galaktico
  • Children’s games: Schollenhüpfen, Schatz-Alarm, Hexenduell, Diego Drachenzahn, Kraken-Alarm
  • Reports: Cashflow, the game and the economics seminars based on it
  • Edition spielbox: Spuk um Spuk, a cooperative ghostbusting game for 1-4 players by Matthias Prinz
  • Profiles:
    • Donald Vaccarino, the former computer programmer who invented Dominion (and expansions) in one weekend
    • Doumen, Wiersinga and their game publishing company, Splotter Spellen, best known for Roads & Boats and Indonesia
  • History:
    • Spider & Fly, the 1977 MB game that inspired Kranen-Alarm
    • the roots of: Egizia, i.e. games that have the Nile as theme
    • for collectors: games based on arithmetic
  • Variants: for Cable Car

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