spielbox December 2009

spielbox 7/2009 cover Last week the last spielbox issue of the noughties arrived. As usual, the main feature at this time of the year is the report on the games fair in Essen. But not as usual, the game in the magazine is neither an expansion nor just a board to which you have to supply your own dice and counters: it's a full, self-contained game. The issue's contents is as follows, with underlined games receiving great reviews:

  • News:
    • Tom Werneck leaves the Spiel des Jahres jury, which he co-founded
    • travel agencies organize game-themed trips to India and China
  • Long reviews: Hansa Teutonica, World without End, Peloponnes,  Sherwood Forest, Masters of Venice, Waterloo
  • Short reviews:  Cir*Kis, VerTIPPT - nochmal!, Greedy Kingdoms, 13, Mosaix
  • Children’s games: Wo war's?
  • Reports:
    • 28 pages presenting the new games at Spiel 2009 in Essen
    • Tom Felber plays around the world: this time he attempts to learn the Argentinian national card game (Truco) and plays in Buenos Aires' only boardgame club
    • Moritz Eggert describes his misfortunes in being consultant to a TV show about boardgames
  • Books: after the first two editions in 1989 and 1999, the third edition of Glonnegger's classic games book appears
  • Edition spielbox: promotion pack of Ultimate Werwolf, with cards to play basic 5-player game and one variant
  • Profiles:
    • games designer and publisher Phil Orbanes (author of Cir*Kis, co-founder of Winning Moves)
    • award-winning games designer Jens-Peter Schliemann and his 'game inventor studio' in Cologne
  • History:
    • group games: from Mafia to Werevolves of Miller's Hollow et al.
    • the roots of: Shaun das Schaf - Köttel-Alarm and other games based on animal excrements
    • for collectors: games based on fantasy, myths and fables, exhibited during Spiel 2009

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