spielbox October 2009

spielbox 6/2009 cover Gosh, two issues arriving within weeks! I barely finished reading the previous issue, when I got the new one yesterday. This time, there is a special section of short reviews of game expansions; most don't fare too well in the reviewers' opinions. Also, Friedemann Friese's game Die 3 Gebote received two 3/10 scores! I have never seen such low scores in spielbox.

The magazine comes with a small expansion for Carcassonne, by one of the magazine's regular reviewers. Moreover, thinking of the future generation of gamers, the children's section looks at games for 2-year olds. The issue's contents is as follows, with underlined games receiving great reviews:

  • News: Count Ludo, the German award for game graphics, was awarded to the graphic designers of Nicht zu fassen (children's game) and Bonnie and Clyde
  • Long reviews: Donna Leon: Gefährliches Spiel, Tobago, Opera, Montego Bay, Die 3 Gebote, Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! - Russia 1941-1942, Sylla, One more barrel
  • Short reviews: Cuba: El presidente, St. Petersburg expansion, Keltis: Neue Wege, neue Ziele, Zooloretto: XXL, Tribun: Die Brutier Erweiterung, Galaxy Trucker: The Big Expansion, Kingsburg: Die Erweiterung des Königreichs, Zooloretto: exotic, Sia Sola, Uruk, Ra: The Dice Game
  • Children’s games: Bauernhof memory, Stoff-Memo Baustelle, Tier-MixMax, Erster Obstgarten, König Kasimir und seine Tiere
  • Reports:
    • Tom Felber plays around the world: this time, very funny musings from crossing the USA with a car boot loaded with games
    • interview with the Vohwinkels, a graphic designer couple living in Seattle
    • portrait: the graphic artist, book author and game designer Dominique Erhard, author of Sylla, Serenissima, Condottiere, etc.
  • Edition spielbox: The Tunnel expansion for Carcassonne, by Christwart Conrad
  • History:
    • oldie: Dragonmaster
    • the publisher Edition Perlhuhn and its founder Reinhold Wittig (part 2)
    • the roots of: Dixit
    • for collectors: some of the 600 games published within 10 years by ink-maker Pelikan
    • abstract games: games where pieces must be kept in contact, incl.Wabanti, LOA, Hive, The Game of Kingdoms, Uisge, Watubi, Arktia, Karo, Blox, Bango, Six, etc.
  • Variants: Automobile, Steel Driver, One more Barrel


  1. by Chuck, on March 16 2010 @ 7:08 pm
    I am trying to find the Carcassonne game expansion called the Tunnel. I see it was included in this October 2009 issue of Spielbox magazine. Do you have this for sale with the expansion?
  2. by mw, on March 17 2010 @ 2:08 pm
    Sorry, Chuck, I’m not selling any magazines and their expansions. You can order individual spielbox issues from http://www.nostheide.de/webshop/xtcommerce/. Hope this helps.

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