The results are in!

After two months of waiting, I got yesterday a letter from the Open University saying that I passed the computer games course (Digital worlds: designing games, creating alternative realities) with score 80%. Not bad. I'm sure I got marks deducted for going over the word count limit in the description of my charity game design; and in other questions I was probably too terse. It's always a fine balancing act of return for time invested.

The important thing is I enjoyed the course. It covers a wide range of topics, from the economic impact of the game industry and the social perception of videogames culture, to how modern games are produced and getting a small taste of it by designing and implementing our own little maze or platform game with GameMaker. Topics like serious games and games with a purposewere also included. The assessment's questions were as wide-ranging as the course, but I can't give any further details without getting into serious trouble. I can safely recommend this short course, but then, being an OU employee, I'm obviously biased. 😊

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