The Knizia Almanac

The Knizia Almanac cover The Knizia Almanac is one of the occasional special issues of the spielbox magazine. After two issues about games (Settlers of Catan in 2000 and Carcassonne in 2005), this one appeared in 2006 as a tribute to one of the greatest and most prolific game authors of all time: Reiner Knizia.

What I find most curious about the almanac is the Roman 1 on the cover. I guess that the spielbox editors are assuming a further special issue will be needed in a few years' time to cope with Knizia's unrelenting output.

But for now, this 32-page almanac includes:

  • a portrait of the man, his life and his opus;
  • a complete ludography (except for his children's games), including non-German editions and the indication of the genealogy of some of the games;
  • detailed summaries of some of his books and games: New Tactic Games with dice and cards, Modern Art, Tigris & Euphrates, Titan: The Arena, Ra, Lost Cities, The Lord of the Rings, Kartenschach, Ingenious, Blue Moon, Die Insel, Blue Moon City;
  • a 4-player variant for Lost Cities;
  • the abstract connection game Olix he contributed to spielbox issue 5/94;
  • 2 new tiles for Blue Moon City;
  • a small essay by Knizia on age indications for games.

The best of all is that you don't have to know German: the spielbox team took the trouble to produce an English translation of the magazine, including the Blue Moon city expansion rules (they are on the PDF file for page 19).

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