The Hans im Glück Almanac

The Hans im Glück Almanac cover The Hans im Glück Almanac is one of the occasional special issues of the spielbox magazine. After two issues about games (Settlers of Catan in 2000 and Carcassonne in 2005), and one about an author (Reiner Knizia in 2006), this one appeared in 2008 for the 25th anniversary of this German publisher of well-known and award-winning games, some of them shown on the cover. (Can you tell the games?)

This 32-page publication includes:

  • portraits of the company's founders Bernd Brunnhofer (author of Saint Petersburg) and Karl-Heinz Schmiel (author of Die Macher), and the rest of the staff;
  • a backstage look at how games are published and illustrated;
  • a complete ludography;
  • detailed summaries of some of the published games: Dodge City, Die Macher, Modern Art, El Grande, Carcassonne,Thurn and Taxis, and their expansions;
  • two expansions: The New Huts (for Stone Age) and The Cult (for Carcassonne).

The best of all is that you don't have to know German: the spielbox team took the trouble to translate the magazine and the expansion rules into English.

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