spielbox October 2006

spielbox 5/2006 cover I simply had to buy issue 5/2006 of spielbox: it comes with an expansion for one of my favourite networking games, Thurn and Taxis. The contents is as follows, with games in italics receiving the best reviews:

  • News:
  • Long reviews: The Pillars of the Earth, Maestro Leonardo, Mykerinos, Bison, Emira, John Silver, Tempus, Augsburg 1520, Railroad Tycoon, Canal Mania, Vegas Showdown, Take it to the Limit!
  • Short reviews: Nottingham; Ja, Herr und Meister!; NoNo; Schnelldenker; Kreuz und Quer; Skybridge; Das grosse Frankenquiz
  • Children’s games: Bengali, Alpen-Express, Fabulantis
  • Profiles:
    • interview with Dominique Metzler, the lady who organises the Essen game fair
    • a portrait of Zoch Verlag, a publisher of well-known games involving chicken
    • a portrait of the Perlhuhn publishing house (part 2)
  • Reports:
    • the various editions of the Spiel des Jahres winners
    • the 25th game author contest of Boulogne-Billancourt
  • Edition spielbox: The Messenger of the Princess, an expansion for Thurn and Taxis
  • History:
    • oldie: the games of publisher Blatz, the current owners of the Schmidt brand
    • the roots of: Schatz in Sicht
    • for collectors: the long path of game authors towards recognition
  • Variants: Celtica


  1. by Alison Arantes, on July 27 2015 @ 5:25 am
    Would you send me celtica variante rules?
    I can not find it anywhere.
  2. by Michel, on July 27 2015 @ 9:31 pm
    Here they are. The issue 2/2006 variants say that druid cards should be kept open and that you can only play an experience card in connection with a druid card of the same colour. This issue adds the caveat that druid cards acquired through ‘field instructions’ are still kept hidden. It also adds the new aim of getting the most cult places and the tie breaker is who has most experience cards. I’ve never owned or played the game, so take my translation with a grain of salt. Enjoy!

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