spielbox June 2009

spielbox 3/2009 cover Today I received spielbox issue 3/2009, with two small expansions for Tigris & Euphrates and Planet Steam. The contents is as follows, with games in italics receiving an average reviewer score above 7/10:

  • News:
  • Long reviews: Livingstone, Der Palast of Eschnapur, Finca, Der Hexer von Salem, Ghost Stories, Space Alert, Battlestart Galactica, The Princes of Machu Picchu, Bombay, After the Flood, Baumeister
  • Short reviews: Bakong, Fiese Kühe, Circus Maximus
  • Children’s games: 1,2,3... ich komme!, Schwarzer Kater, Nicht zu fassen, Die Kinder von Carcassonne
  • Profiles: interview with Michael Hopf, chairman of Fachgruppe Spiel, an organisation of German game publishers for the promotion of board and card games
  • Reports:
    • Cultaptation, a contest of social learning strategies
    • Tom Felber plays around the world: chess, mahjong, etc. on board a cargo ship from New Zealand to Philadelphia
    • the state of game collections in museums
  • Edition spielbox 87: Bet Royal, a bidding and betting card game by Christward Conrad for 2-6 players
  • History:
    • oldie: Geld & Börse, a stock market game from the 60s
    • the roots of: Dog (a different perspective from the previous issue), Hab & Gut
    • for collectors: question & answer games
    • mechanics: price setting in financial and economic games (part 2)
    • abstract games: board crossing games (Halma and its descendants)
  • Variants: Livingstone

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