Expansions galore

box cover Today I received 4 spielbox special issues I had ordered, each with an expansion. I was quite annoyed that the package had been badly handled. The envelope was ripped,  and so was one magazine cover, and most of the issues had some bent pages. Although it's not the first time Royal Mail damages our post, it's useless complaining about such things: even when they lost a package we sent with a present to my father-in-law in Portugal, it took months to get compensation. Well, onwards to the matter of interest.

Knizia Almanach cover The Knizia Almanach comes with two buildings for Blue Moon City.

Hans im Glück Almanach cover The Hans im Glück Almanach includes The New Huts (for Stone Age) and The Cult (for Carcassonne).

spielbox 1/2008 cover
The spielbox 1/08 issue has the Spielbox Café, an extra building for Cuba.

spielbox 5/2006 cover
The spielbox 5/06 issue brings The Messenger of the Princess, an expansion for Thurn and Taxis.

I'll detail the content of each in future posts. Stay tuned...

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