Ticket to Ride session

box coverTonight, André, Big Nick, Paul B. and I played two games of Ticket to Ride: Europe. André won the first game, Nick the second, both in similar ways:with lots of connections in (South-)East Europe. The connections there are longer and allow more freedom of colours, while in West Europe the connections are short and with fixed colours. Therefore, it is somewhat easier to get more points from connections in East Europe. While André won the first game because he got the 10 points for the longest route, that was not enough for me to win the second game: while I made 7 tickets in the first game due to a lucky draw of cards that allowed me to reuse several connections, in the second game I only made 2 tickets. I wasted too much time doing the 8-tunnel (for 21 points) while André blocked parts of my direct route to do the long ticket (Lisbon-Danzig). So, I had to take a long route, spending almost all carriages in the process: I got the longest route bonus but didn't risk to take more tickets. The final scores were: André 135, me 128, Nick 123 and Paul 107 in the first game, and Nick 123, me 109, André 86, Paul 59 in the second game. (Paul and André didn't do all their tickets.)

At another table, Ester, Pete, David and Damen played Puerto Rico and Stone Age. The Puerto Rico counted towards our Eurogames tournament and David won. Matt, Ben, Steve and Dan played Age of Steam and then joined Manuela, Keith, John and Chris (who had been practicing Puerto Rico for a forthcoming tournament game) to all play Bausack. Last but not least, Richard, Simon, Graham and Julian played Pandemic and Amun-Re at their table. In short, a very well attended games night, with lots of great games being played.

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