spielbox April/May 2009

spielbox 2/2009 cover The contents of spielbox issue 2/2009 is as follows, underlining the games the reviewers liked most:

  • News: the new Dominion box cover tryptich (German edition), the Hippodice competition, a game author workshop in Weilburg
  • Long reviews: Valdora, Fits, Wind River, Planet Steam, Senji, Steel Driver, Comuni
  • Short reviews: Carcassone Mayflower, Bauhaus, Tatort Themse
  • Children’s games: Karawane, Polizei-Alarm!, Max der Kater, Dschungelzauber, Kimaloé
  • Profiles:
    • children game author Marco Teubner
    • interview with Hartmut Thordsen, who maintains a web page (in German) of 80+ user created Dominion cards
  • Reports:
    • 15 pages on the new games presented at the Nuremberg Toy Fair
    • Tom Felber plays around the world: 57 games of Dominion (and counting mosquito bites) across Australia's outback and New Zealand
    • the Yvio console, to play computer-assisted board games; the console tracks pieces on the board using RFID, explains the rules, keeps score, etc.
  • Edition spielbox: the Black Market card expansion for Dominion
  • History:
    • oldie: Atlantis/Dark Tower, a boardgame with electronic components from 1982
    • the roots of: Dog
    • for collectors: 50 years of Memory
    • mechanics: price setting in financial and economic games

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