spielbox February/March 2009

spielbox 1/2009 cover Today I received my copy of spielbox issue 1/2009, with the following contents:

  • News: the Nuremberg Toy Fair, the 4th BGG.con, books about games
  • Long reviews: Pandemic, Le Havre, Sutter's Mill, Palais Royal, Hab & Gut, Der Schwarm, Goldene Ära, Kamisado, Snow Tails, Saigo no Kane
  • Short reviews: Die Aufsteiger, Ein bisschen Mord muss sein, ...aber bitte mit Sahne, Roll through the ages, Sushizock in Gockelwok
  • Children’s games: Zoowaboo, Tier auf Tier — Das Duell, Animalogic, Der kleine Ritter Trenk, Die Olchis sind da!
  • Profiles:
    • interview with Reiner Müller, editor, on how to write good game rule booklets
    • interview with Derk Solko and Scott Alden, creators of BoardGameGeek
    • playing games in Brisbane
  • Edition spielbox 86: Das Kabinett des Königs, a game for 2 players by Matthias Prinz
  • History:
    • evergreen: Top Race and its predecessor car race games
    • oldie: Quandary, a game from 1978
    • the roots of: the dice game Drachenwurf
    • for collectors: the boardgames printed in Neuruppin in the 19th century
    • abstract boardgames based on aligning pieces: Yinsh, Pentago, Quinamid, Plus 4, Make 7, Sim Serim, Logan Stones, Corintho, Tonkin
  • Variants: Hab & Gut, Palais Royal, Sutter's Mill, Dominion

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