Shadows over Camelot session

9 October 2008 was bring & buy (or trade) night and many games were on display, but I don’t think there were many transactions that weren’t agreed in advance. In the end, most games remained with their old owners…

André, Manuela, Keith, Richard and Paul B. played Caylus (it took the same time as the game at our table), with Nick B., Matt, Nigel playing Stone Age followed by St. Petersburg.

box coverPeter C. brought a copy of Shadows over Camelot, and Sam, Damen, Michael, John, Steve and I joined him. The game took about 2h15, including rule explanation. Sam was the traitor, but remained undetected until the end (there were no accusations). The loyal camp managed to win by the tightest margin: 7 white vs. 6 black swords, almost everyone with just 1 or 2 life points, and about 10 sieges. John had left earlier, after winning Excalibur, and so we just skipped his turns. Excalibur was used to save Peter’s life (who was already known to us as loyal). The 2nd half of the game was getting frantic, with the dragon getting points which had to be taken away with Merlin cards (because no one had played that quest), the Picts gaining a war against no knight, and we desperately trying to finish the grail quest (which we did in the end, in truly cooperative way).

We also went together for the Excalibur quest, while some others fought the sieges. I went right in the beginning for the Lancelot quest with two 4s and three 1s because I assumed the Lancelot cards were also in the 1–5 range! Instead, my heart sunk when a 7 card appeared and I checked the quest book at that time. In the end, due to some help by others (a Merlin card to remove the 7) I made the quest.

It was a nice game, with quite some dialogue and discussion going on as what to do next, and a welcome change to the economic development games, but IMHO not worth the 2+ hours spent. With repeated play I guess it becomes boring as the choices become more and more obvious (as said on a BGG review) and the need to discuss them becomes weaker.

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