Hamburgum session

box coverOn 17 July 2008, I decided to go to the games night only in the last minute, and Paul B. was very nice in letting me have his place in Hamburgum. Eventually it wasn’t needed because someone didn’t come. Anyhow, Paul preferred to play Memoir’44 with Nick, while Matt, Steve, Keith and I played Hamburgum. On the other table, Nigel, the two Peters and Damen played Blackbeard.

We finished our game shortly before 10pm. Nick and Paul played in the same time 3 games, while Blackbeard was still ongoing. Steve won, followed by Matt, me and then Keith. We had several points of difference between us, with Steve leading by large margin. The scores were hence much more spread out than in other economic games. Steve won because he built 5 offices, earning money with each during the game, and getting 20 points in the end due to the multiplier. Moreover, he completely filled the red neighbourhood, and he also had a citizen multiplier for them. A great strategy. Matt also got some points due to 3 cloth cards, which not also brought him 4 cloth in each round that he could then sell, but also brought him 12 points due to a multiplier. Next time I must try to go for more buildings and not complete a church so soon (I was the first). During the game we had several Flying Dutchmen but hardly used them: there were seldom 3 different goods to sell. A great game, and now I must find out how to properly print and produce the Lisbon expansion.


  1. by Huggy's Son, on February 4 2009 @ 6:10 pm

Yes, I really like Hamburgum. It’s a nice refreshing use of the ‘Rondel’ for resources; both Antike & Imperial are more based around conflict of sorts. In all three Rondel games, I always want to ask for another turn immediately as I feel I am at least one or two steps behind where I should be.
I remember this particular game of Hamburgum & that I felt the three of us had handed the win to Steve as we weren’t blocking him with something… can’t remember what I thought we should have done though!
Still haven’t played Princes Of Macchu Picchu – MacGerdts’ Essen ’08 release & his first one without a Rondel…! Wonder how that will compare.

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