box coverI spent last week in Switzerland, visiting three universities and two companies. Before the departure, I looked on BoardGameGeek for game shops in the cities I'd visit. On Monday, I managed to have some time after work to go to Drachenäscht (Dragon's Nest), in the charming old town of Berne. On two floors, they stock juggling material, magic tricks, science kits, puzzles, comics, fantasy and role-playing games, but also a quite good selection of board and card games, including some out-of-print and less common games (like the Cheapass range). A true Alladin's cave! The prices are not cheap, but we're talking Switzerland after all. There are some used games on the shelves, maybe opened for the game nights they organise. I found a battered copy of the out-of-print game Magellan, a game featuring two Portuguese explorers (Fernão de Magalhães and Vasco da Gama). I had read a good review of the game and wished to buy it, but the shopkeepers were only offering a 10% discount. Fortunately, they also had a mint copy somewhere in their vaults and I took it for 28.50 Swiss Francs (17 pounds), thereby increasing my collection of games somehow related to Portugal to 3 items (Santiago, El Capitán and Magellan). I definitely recommend a visit to Drachenäscht if you stop by Berne.

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