spielbox December 2008

spielbox 6/2008 cover The contents of spielbox issue 6/2008 is as follows:

  • News: 25-page report of Spiel'08 in Essen; the use of video podcasts by publishers; the activities of the  French Museum of the Playing Card
  • Long reviews: Settlers of Catan — Germany Edition, Dominion, A Castle for all Seasons, The Name of the Rose, Fauna, Schneller als Kurz, Confucius, Monastery
  • Short reviews: Los Banditos, Serendipity, Race for the Galaxy — The Gathering Storm, Byzanz
  • Children’s games: 2-page report on children's games at Spiel'08
  • Profiles:
    • Jost Schwider, founder of a bilingual website dedicated to boardgames from Italy
    • publishing house Krimsus Krimskramkiste, on occasion of its 10th anniversary
    • author and publisher Karl-Heinz Schmiel, on occasion of his 60th birthday
    • Zhongshan Park in Shanghai, where people gather to play games (and other activities)
  • Edition spielbox: Guardhouse expansion for Ghost Stories
  • History:
    • the exhibit of old football games at Spiel'08, organized by the Guild of Eurogames Collectors
    • Mr. President, a game published by 3M in the 60s
    • the roots of Fast Flowing Forest Fellers
  • Variants: Fauna, The Name of the Rose

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