Carcassonne session

box coverToday, after her piano practice, my 8 year old daughter wanted to play a game with me and the best 2-player non-abstract game we have is Carcassonne, so I suggested it. ("Carcassonne is not abstract...?", I hear you wondering. All right, you get my point.) She didn't remember the game (even after I said it was the road-connecting, city-building game) and wasn't quite eager to play. That quickly changed when I opened the box and she realized which game it was, even though the last time we played it was long ago. I'm pretty sure the visual appeal of Carcassonne stays for a long time in one's brain.

We played the tactical variant in which players always hold 3 tiles in their hands. I gave her some advice during the game, in particular regarding the placement of a farmer bordering 5 completed cities, but otherwise she played by herself. What can I say — it was not enough to come last twice on Thursday, today I was beaten by my daughter: she won with 105 points, I had 101! The shame of keeping more unused meeples than her! :oops: What's wrong with me?! :shock:


  1. by Huggy's Son, on January 20 2009 @ 6:34 pm
    Beaten by a girl!
    Shame on you 😛

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