Zooloretto and Ticket to Ride session

box coverOn January 10th, I saw three new faces at the club. One of them, Peter, joined Michael, Steve, Matt and myself for a game of Zooloretto brought by Michael. In the end it was a relatively close game with Michael having 20+ points, Steve, Matt and I tied at 17, and Peter with a few less points. I didn’t expand my zoo, and paid for it. Overall, there were just one or two swaps of species, one or two movements of single animals, but several acquisitions of animals. Only Michael and I knew the game beforehand, and everyone liked it.

At the same time, David and two others played two games of Web of Power he brought, while Bald Nick, Keith and others played a game of Torres brought by Nick. They then played Yspahan. Nigel and someone else I can't recall started a long wargame and got only half-way through it after 3 hours.

box coverDavid, Matt, Peter and I then played a game of Ticket to Ride: Europe, with me coming last by a large margin. I started with two short routes, then added mid-game another two which fitted well with those I had. I added another two late in the game, but the game finished before I could complete either, giving me 18 negative points. Didn’t make any difference in the end: I was really waaaay behind. David got the longest route bonus, and Peter managed to make a yellow 8-tunnel! (No yellow came up in the 3 cards). Next time I must try to go for the long route.

box coverNext, Steve (who meanwhile had played Mr. Jack), joined us, while Matt went to watch a Mr. Jack game. We four played two quick games of Ave Caesar, each about 10 minutes long. I was in the lead for most of the first two laps in the first game, but in the end came last. In the second game, Peter was unable to cross the finishing line, Steve was most of the time in the lead and won, while I came 3rd, way behind. Next time, when I’m in the lead I have to try to play smaller cards that block other players.

Four plays in a single evening, and finally a complete game of TtR to get the feeling of it. Another good session!

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