Tikal and Ave Caesar session

box coverAnother relatively modest turnout tonight: we were only 10. Matt brought along Le Havre and played it with Nigel, Keith and André. Ian brought Storm over Stalingrad and played it with Sam. I brought El Capitan and Vabanque, but Paul B. was interested in playing Agricola (which Big Nick had brought), even solo if necessary! As Nick remarked, what's the point of coming to a games club to then play solo?! David managed to convince Paul to join us in a game of Tikal, which only I had not played before. We played the version where the tiles are auctioned instead of being randomly uncovered. In the end, we were all 10 or more points apart from each other. I remember David won with 119, Nick came second with 109, I came third and Paul last, but didn't write down our scores. We then played two games of Ave Caesar (the original Ravensburger version). David achieved a hat-trick by winning both races, and I came last twice... What a disappointing night in terms of scoring! At least I finally got to play Tikal. It lived up to expectations of being a good (albeit tough and unforgiving) game.

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