spielbox September/October 1998

spielbox 4/1998 cover The detailed contents of spielbox issue 4/1998 is available in German.

  • News: Spiel des Jahres 1998
  • Long reviews: Trini, Cheops, Carat, Wind City, Fossil, Minister, Business, The Black Rose, Gambler, Exxtra, Kraut & Rüben
  • Short reviews: Felsberger Labyrinth, Rigatoni Intriganti, Twilight, Monster-Fressen, Denkste!, Durchblick, Auf dem Holzweg, Wijokapre
  • Children’s games: Grand Prix, Gross oder klein?, Zicke Zacke Hühnerkacke (German award for best children’s game)
  • Profiles:
    • Alan R. Moon, on occasion of Elfenland winning the Spiel des Jahres award
    • Moritz Egetmeyer and his publishing company
    • Eurogames
    • Fantasy Productions, a German publisher of SciFi & Fantasy related games
    • Jürg Bühler and his company Felsberger Spiel & Art, which publishes games and organises game fairs like the Schweizer Spielmesse
  • Edition spielbox 35: Durchmarsch, a race game using cards for 2–4 players by Christwart Conrad
  • History:
    • the roots of Monster-Fressen
    • Wahl-Schlacht (1979) and Kanzler-Schlacht (1986), two games about German elections
    • Schachett (1882), a card game inspired by chess, reflecting the imperialistic mentality of the late 19th century
    • looking 10 years back, on spielbox issue 4/88
  • Books: Zerrbilder (arsEdition) and Versteckte Bilder (Hugendubel) by Botermans and Slocum, two books on playing with mirrors
  • Variants: Big Boss, Caesar and Cleopatra, Tschüss, Mississippi Queen

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