spielbox February/March 2003

spielbox 1/2003 cover The detailed  table of contents (in German) of spielbox issue 1/2003 can be found by clicking on the cover.

  • News: 8 page report on the game fair in Nürnberg; games for disabled people; Gamers of the Year award
  • Long reviews: Clans, Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers, Hellas, Moderne Zeiten, Bayon, Krone & Schwert, Ehre der Samurai, Meine Schafe deine Schafe, Crazy Race - Station Manager - Mogul, Virus & Co, Kopfsalat, Keythedral, Zoo Sim, The Napoleonic Wars
  • Short reviews: Canal Grande, Scarab, Mömmen, Guillotine
  • Children’s games: Stop, Hit The Deck, Num Num, Flotter Falter, Vorsicht Qualle, Jacke wie Hose
  • Edition spielbox 60: Dominanz, an abstract movement game for two players by Hartmut Kommerell
  • Profiles:
    • Christian Beiersdorf, freelance game developer
    • in memoriam of Gilbert Obermair, co-founder of the first game magazine in German
  • History:
    • how Zaibatsu became Moderne Zeiten
    • horse race games for collectors
    • games derived from Risk (part 2)
    • revisiting GourmetGuru and CigarGuru
    • the roots of Connect Four Professional
  • Variants: Moderne Zeiten, Risk (the capital variant)
  • Other: discussion between journalist Michael Knopf and publisher Bernd Brunnhofer on the need for game expansions and the role of reviews

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