Spiel der Spiele

The awards of the Wiener Spiele Akademie (Viennese Game Academy) started in 2001 and aim at recommending good games for playing with family and friends. Games must be commercially available in Austria, and must have been published in German in the previous 12 months. Any gamer can nominate games; a five person jury will then select the game for the main Spiel der Spiele (Game of Games) award and about a dozen games distributed among the six categories of Spiele Hits: games for two, games for many (e.g. party games), games for playing within the family, games for playing with friends, games for children to play among themselves, and games for expert gamers. For more information see:


  1. by Hall of Games | ludossier, on December 18 2008 @ 11:34 pm
    […] provided it was voted 1st at least once or voted 2nd at least five times. In terms of the six Spiele Hits categories, the Hall of Games tends to include games for expert gamers, and is unlikely to contain […]

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