Kingsburg and Fiji session

box coverOn January 24th, Matt brought Kingsburg and Steve, Manuela, André and I played with him. In the end, the more experienced won: Matt. It’s a nice game, but there is a strong dependency on luck, so it requires experience to offset it. The game took us almost 2h.

The buildings that bring in more victory points are those in the first row, i.e. the first to go if you loose a battle. Also, they don’t give extra soldiers in a battle. Nobody ever lost a battle, only Steve drew once. I started building against battles, but next time I have to try to go for the first row buildings, of which I had none.

I often rolled small values, but was able to get the king and the queen once each. Especially the queen in the very last autumn round was quite helpful to make it from last to fourth. I got three VP plus two resources. I built another buidling worth 4 VP and could buy an extra soldier for just one resource. But it wasn’t enough to get yet another VP in the battle.

Then Steve, André and I played Fiji. I don’t particularly like the graphics. André was trying to remember the rules under time pressure (it was his game), so in the end we didn’t play quite according to the rules and several details went wrong or missing. Still, an interesting game that is fast to play once you know the rules.

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