Articles published in 2008

New Year's sessions wish

After the end of this year's Formula Dé championship, Nigel asked whether we wished to have other tournaments next year. Several ideas have been already circulated by e-mail among us. Various schemes have been suggested, e.g. a single-session tournament of short games, or a two-session tournament of a ...

Kingsburg and Fiji session

On January 24th, Matt brought Kingsburg and Steve, Manuela, André and I played with him. In the end, the more experienced won: Matt. It’s a nice game, but there is a strong dependency on luck, so it requires experience to offset it. The game took us almost 2h.

The ...

International Gamers Awards

[]These awards are given since 2000, by a jury composed of expert gamers from around the world. There are three categories: general strategy games for two players, general strategy games for multiple players, and historical simulations (i.e. wargames). In each category, the jury first nominates several games and then ...

'Short games' session

Tonight was the 6th and last Formula Dé championship race, with Ben, Chris, Damen, Nigel, Paul B. and Steve playing. Paul had been leading the championship for five races. The last dice rolling gave Chris the victory of the race (10 points) and Paul came second (7 points). This meant ...

Hall of Games

18 December 2008 14 November 2015 awards

Since 1985, the members of the Spiele Kreis Wien (Viennese Game Club) vote at all evening meetings (i.e. every 2–3 weeks) for their favourite games. The most voted game gets 5 points, down to 1 point for the 5th most voted game. When a game accumulates 50 points ...

Thebes session

On 18th January, my wife, my youngest daughter and I played Thebes for the first time. My pre-teen daughter didn’t want to, in spite of our insistence.

I didn’t a very good job of explaining the rules. For example, I only told about the action of swapping all ...

Spiel der Spiele

The awards of the Wiener Spiele Akademie (Viennese Game Academy) started in 2001 and aim at recommending good games for playing with family and friends. Games must be commercially available in Austria, and must have been published in German in the previous 12 months. Any gamer can nominate games; a ...

spielbox September/October 1998

The detailed contents of spielbox issue 4/1998 is available in German.

  • News: Spiel des Jahres 1998
  • Long reviews: Trini, Cheops, Carat, Wind City, Fossil, Minister, Business, The Black Rose, Gambler, Exxtra, Kraut & Rüben
  • Short reviews: Felsberger Labyrinth, Rigatoni Intriganti, Twilight, Monster-Fressen, Denkste!, Durchblick, Auf dem Holzweg, Wijokapre
  • Children’s ...

spielbox March/April 1999

The detailed table of contents of spielbox issue 1/1999 is available in German.

  • News: the 1999 Nürnberger Spielwarenmesse; Sega GameWorks
  • Long reviews: Samurai, Verräter, Hornochsen, Tikal, Samarkand, Ra, Das Prestel Kunstspiel, Cheops and Alexander the Great scenarios for Settlers of Catan
  • Short reviews: Input, Flower Power, Über den Wolken ...

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