Visualising Social Hierarchies of Developers

Some good news arrived just before the day ends: the paper we submitted to the New Ideas and Emerging Results track of the Int'l Conf. on Software Engineering was accepted! It's about applying formal concept analysis to get automatically a intuitive visual 'hierarchy' of developers , and how one might want to use the hierarchy, e.g. to find out who may replace a developer who is about to leave the project.

We illustrate the approach by relating developers and Eclipse bugs and then showing the hierarchy of bug fixers and discussants, aggregated by component. Developers towards the top of the hierarchy are generalists (involved in more components), those at the bottom are specialists (involved in just one component).

The reviewers had some questions about technical details of our example, and about the potential of the approach — good points to take care for the final version. ~~Meanwhile, you can read the submitted version.~~

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